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Roxie Monique

Comedian and member Roxie Monique

Episode 27

Outgoing person, very optimistic, enjoys meeting new people. Loves food.

Steven Springer

Comedian and member Steven Springer

Episode 26

A native Chicagoan, Steven Springer started his comedy career while living in Indianapolis. He has a deadpan delivery and a self-deprecating style reminiscent of his idol, Rodney Dangerfield. He has performed throughout Chicagoland, including Zanies and Laugh Factory, as well as clubs throughout the country. In his 58 years he has lived a life that was meant to be talked about on stage, including his family and multiple jobs such as correctional officer. He is a well-defined character, like his favorite Chicago comedian and mentor, “Uncle” Larry Reeb. Seamlessly gliding from one one-liner to another, he delivers punchline after punchline.

Suzanne Linfante

Comedian and member Suzanne Linfante

Episode 25

I’m a Jersey Girl performing standup in shows, competitions, and festivals throughout the Tri-State area. Off-stage, I’m an account, radio DJ, and host of the new “Swiping Left” Podcast. Voiceover work includes an infomercial that appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show (Shiney Hiney).

Erika Harvey

Comedian and member Erika Harvey

Episode 24

Nurse, nursing instructor, actor, voice actor, accidental comedian, 3rd place winner in the beginners category in the US Comedy Competition.

Ellen Barron

Comedian and member Ellen Barron

Ellen Barron began her stand-up career in 2005, after years of auditioning as an actor had not brought her enough grief. She did her first 5 minutes at Caroline’s, then for several years working there, and at Stand Up NY, Gotham, The Comic Strip, etc. She took a break from comedy for almost a decade, but returned in 2018, and has since performed at The PIT, Gateway Comedy, Governor’s, and McGuire’s Comedy clubs. In 2022, Ellen produced 2 comedy shows at Bracco’s on the nautical mile in Freeport, NY.

Pete Blumenthal

Comedian and member Pete Blumenthal

“I am a salesman. I’ve had successes in different retail arenas as both a Sales Manager and a commissioned sales guy. I was challenged by Tony Melendez to take a comedy workshop and survived my “graduation” from Standup University and those 3 magnificent geniuses. I had so much FUN after being sooo nervous about the “Bomb.” I could never do it to make a living as I don’t have the patience to put in the extensive work to succeed in this most rewarding craft.”

Ellen Orchid

Comedian and member Ellen Orchid

“Grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY. I went to med school and became a psychiatrist. Trained at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. Practice for 38 years. In 1980 started taking stand-up comedy classes with Lisa Carmel, then with others. Always loved it. Still doing it. My father’s dad was a composer Jacob Weinberg (1879-1956).”

Tom Padovano

Comedian and member Tom Padovano

“I’m a comedian and comedy writer who has performed clean comedy on cruise ships, at comedy clubs, private parties, conventions, and places beyond description! I have sold over 1,000 jokes along with scripts, skits, and song parodies.”

Tracey B. Simon

Comedian and member Tracey B. Simon

“In previous lives, I’ve been an ad agency receptionist, an entertainment/life style publicist, and most recently, a librarian (sounds like the start of a joke…) I’ve dabbled in the ” business of funny” for about 15 years, but didn’t get into it full-time until 2020 after retiring. – two weeks before the world shut down! Since then, I’ve been performing at comedy clubs like Governor’s and The Comic Strip, restaurants, and private venues in the New York Metro area. Most recently, I participated in the 2nd Annual Ladies Room Comedy Festival at the Broadway Comedy Club.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, I currently hail from Long Island, New York.”

Regina Winemiller

Comedian and member Regina Winemiller

“I was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest. I have taught high school Spanish and English as a Second Language. I’m also a mom along with being a comedian and storyteller.”