Robby Cook

Laugh Until It Hurts: An Interview with Comedian Robby Cook

Episode 34

Getting His Start

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with comedian Robby Cook about his comedic journey. Robby got his start in comedy later in life, after his ex-wife challenged that he wasn’t actually funny. Determined to prove her wrong, Robby stepped onto the stage for the first time and never looked back.

Evolving His Comedy

In the interview, Robby walked us through his evolution as a comedian. He started out writing shorter, one-liner style jokes before realizing that longer form storytelling allowed him to incorporate more of his life experiences into his comedy. As Robby came out as gay later in life, he began using comedy as a way to process that experience, bringing a new perspective to his material.

Comedy Inspirations

Some of Robby’s comedy inspirations growing up were legends like Johnny Carson and Jerry Seinfeld. He always loved the art of storytelling in comedy. These days he admires comedians like Josh Blue who make him laugh uncontrollably.

Advice for Aspiring Comedians

Robby shared some great advice for aspiring comedians. He stressed the importance of sticking with a new joke, workshopping it, and not giving up on it too quickly if one audience doesn’t respond well. It takes time to polish material and find the right delivery and crowd. He also talked about being open to feedback from fellow comedians, as it can help you keep improving. Tools like can be great for workshoping new material and tracking which jokes connect best with audiences.

Bombing on Stage

Of course, Robby has bombed on stage before too. He shared how in those moments he relies on his “greatest hits,” the jokes he knows never fail, to turn things around. Checking out sites like and can help provide ideas for recovering after bombing.

Bringing Life to Comedy

Robby shared so many funny and insightful stories from his years in comedy. It’s clear his commitment to finding humor in everyday life experiences comes across in his energetic and engaging performance style. I for one can’t wait to catch one of Robby’s upcoming shows and recommend you check him out too if you ever get the chance!

Where to See Robby Next

He’ll be performing at Stir Crazy Comedy Club in Arizona on October 19th and with Do Better Comedy on October 24th.

Dive Deeper into Comedy

For those looking to explore the world of comedy further, here are three platforms that offer invaluable resources:

  • Mr. Open Mic: A treasure trove for online comedy enthusiasts.
  • Joke Zoom: A haven for comedy writers looking to refine their craft.
  • Comedy Trade School: The ultimate training ground for budding comedians.