Carolynn Mincin

Comedian Carolynn Mincin Shares Her Journey in Stand-Up Comedy

Episode 37

Early Inspirations

Comedian Carolynn Mincin cites comedy legends Joan Rivers and Carol Burnett as early inspirations. She was drawn to Rivers’ willingness to “say anything and everything” and Burnett’s slapstick, animated physical comedy. Mincin realized she naturally had a similar energetic, animated comedic style.

Finding Comedy in Motherhood

Mincin shares that motherhood is what made her realize she wanted to pursue stand-up comedy. She found humor in her husband’s antics that got her kicked out of a Lamaze class. As a naturally animated storyteller, Mincin realized comedy was a natural path for her.

Nerves and Lessons from First Gig

Mincin’s first time performing stand-up was both nerve-wracking and liberating. She vividly recalls the bright pink light signaling her time was almost up that no one prepared her for. Though shaking inside, Mincin felt comfortable on stage sharing her stories. She learned to always have a contingency plan when things go awry.

Dealing with Bombing

Mincin emphasizes that some jokes just won’t land with certain audiences. She handles bombing by trying her best, enjoying herself, and knowing her material. Focusing on positive audience reactions helps her cope when things don’t land.

Memorable Fan Interaction

One of Mincin’s most memorable post-show interactions was with an audience member who came to the show unexpectedly after a tragic week. The woman shared that Mincin’s comedy lifted her spirits and made her laugh when she needed it most.

Evolving Comedy Style

Early on, Mincin’s comedy style was extremely wordy. She’s since learned word economy and not to step on her own jokes. Mincin also embraces finding laughter in life’s upsets, believing comedy is healing.

Pushing Boundaries Respectfully

Regarding “cancel culture,” Mincin would love to see controversial comics like George Carlin and Joan Rivers weigh in. She believes respectful boundary pushing is possible, though some just look for reasons to be offended.

The Future of Stand-Up

Mincin believes nothing beats the energy of live comedy, though virtual shows help reach wider audiences. She incorporates personal experiences as an “army mom” and “police mom” to reflect society with humor. Mincin’s journey continues with acting gigs and YouTube videos in the works.

Dive Deeper into Comedy

For those looking to explore the world of comedy further, here are three platforms that offer invaluable resources:

  • Mr. Open Mic: A treasure trove for online comedy enthusiasts.
  • Joke Zoom: A haven for comedy writers looking to refine their craft.
  • Comedy Trade School: The ultimate training ground for budding comedians.