Ruthy Ferrera

Laugh It Up with Comedienne Ruthy Ferrera

Episode 35

Finding Her Calling in Comedy

Comedian Ruthy Ferrera recently sat down for a delightful interview sharing her experiences and insights on pursuing the art of stand-up comedy. Despite not originally considering comedy as a career path, Ruthy found her calling after unexpectedly killing it on stage during a comedy class graduation show. Since then, she’s been hooked and continues to hone her skills as a comedian.

Inspired by Comedy Greats

When asked about her comedic inspirations, Ruthy cited famous comedians like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Wanda Sykes. She admits her style has evolved over time to become more confident, current-events focused, and unafraid to touch on controversial topics.

Nerve-Wracking First Performance

Her very first five-minute open mic set was nerve-wracking but ultimately affirmed her talent, despite feeling like it lasted forever.

Powering Through Bombs

Ruthy believes comedy is subjective so she doesn’t let negative audience reactions shake her. She powers through bombs by ignoring hecklers and distracted crowd members. Her jokes often come to her spontaneously in the shower or middle of the night due to menopause (which she also jokes about).

Delivering the Unexpected

Some of Ruthy’s most memorable moments have come from surprising crowds who underestimated her abilities as a “homely housewife.” She thrives on delivering the unexpected with her quick one-liners and shocking punchlines. She tries not to be offensive, but also recognizes the importance of pushing boundaries in comedy.

Long Live Live Comedy

Ruthy loves the energy of live comedy and doesn’t believe virtual shows can ever truly replace real on-stage performances. She continues writing new material and booking local NYC shows, hoping to make audiences chuckle whether they’re in a nice club or a “flea-infested, flooded basement.”

Catch Her Live Show!

To catch one of Ruthy Ferrera’s upcoming shows, check out her website With her Bronx-bred attitude and witty joke writing, Ruthy is sure to entertain!

Dive Deeper into Comedy

For those looking to explore the world of comedy further, here are three platforms that offer invaluable resources:

  • Mr. Open Mic: A treasure trove for online comedy enthusiasts.
  • Joke Zoom: A haven for comedy writers looking to refine their craft.
  • Comedy Trade School: The ultimate training ground for budding comedians.