Patrick Golden

The Evolution of Patrick Golden: From Open Mics to Spotlight

Episode 33

Discovering the Mic

In the bustling world of stand-up comedy, few names have risen as quickly and as intriguingly as Patrick Golden. A casual invitation from a friend to an open mic night in Bushwick was all it took. The adrenaline rush he felt that night at the Tiny Cupboard was akin to a newfound addiction. Just one performance, and he was hooked.

Influences and Inspirations

Growing up, Patrick’s comedic palette was shaped by a diverse range of influences. From the classic bits of Louis CK to the satirical genius of shows like South Park and The Simpsons, his inspirations spanned genres. Not just limited to comedians, Patrick’s style has also been influenced by musical legends like Kanye West and Frank Ocean.

First Steps on Stage

Recalling his first-ever performance, Patrick described it as a raw yet exhilarating experience. At a cafe in Austin, Texas, a young sophomore Patrick took the stage. The audience resonated with his energy, marking the beginning of his journey.

Evolving with Time

Over the years, Patrick’s comedic style has seen a significant evolution. From extravagant performance art to presenting his authentic self, he’s now found a balance that resonates with audiences.

Challenges and Triumphs

One of the most challenging gigs Patrick recalled was hosting the Random Ass Bar Show in the Bronx. The cultural disconnect was palpable, but these challenges shaped him, teaching him the art of reading the room and adapting his style.

Comedy in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, Patrick acknowledges the profound impact of platforms like TikTok and Instagram on comedy. While they offer unparalleled reach, they’ve also changed the dynamics of performance.

The Future of Laughter

Looking ahead, Patrick is excited about the future of comedy. He envisions a world where virtual reality might play a significant role, offering audiences an immersive comedic experience. However, the looming shadow of AI in comedy is something he’s wary of.

Patrick’s Unique Blend

Describing his style, Patrick chose three words: Absurd, exciting, and empathetic. This blend is evident in his performances, where he effortlessly shifts from high-energy bits to more introspective ones.

Words of Wisdom

For budding comedians, Patrick’s advice is golden: “Get your reps in at different places and learn to adapt to diverse rooms.” It’s this adaptability and willingness to learn that has been the cornerstone of his success.

Upcoming Gigs

As for what’s next, Patrick is all set to expand his horizons. With tours planned across the tri-state area, he’s gearing up to regale audiences with his unique brand of comedy.

Dive Deeper into Comedy

For those looking to explore the world of comedy further, here are three platforms that offer invaluable resources:

  • Mr. Open Mic: A treasure trove for online comedy enthusiasts.
  • Joke Zoom: A haven for comedy writers looking to refine their craft.
  • Comedy Trade School: The ultimate training ground for budding comedians.

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, comedians like Patrick Golden remind us of the power of laughter. Through his journey, challenges, and evolution, Patrick’s story is a testament to the magic of comedy.