Xander Fraser

Laughing Through the Chaos: A Conversation with Comedian Xander Fraser

Episode 32

Finding the Funny After Hard Times

Comedian Xander Fraser has been making audiences chuckle, chortle, and sometimes even snort with laughter for years. His comedic journey began after a series of unfortunate events made him realize the power of finding humor in hard times.

Inspired by the Greats

In our conversation, Xander walked us through some of the key moments and influences that shaped his comedic voice. Growing up, he was inspired by comedy greats like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Robin Williams. “Robin Williams is a great inspiration to my work, and I just hope that I can do great things that he has done, truly inspiring,” Xander said.

Facing Stage Fright

Stepping on stage for the very first time was a nerve-wracking experience, but it taught Xander an important lesson. “Whatever you say and do on stage is limitless,” he said. Over the years, his comedy has evolved as he’s matured, but Xander tries to maintain some of that youthful playfulness in his jokes.

Dealing with Bombing

Bombing on stage is inevitable for any comedian, but Xander doesn’t let it get him down for long. “Take it, live with it, continue, rewrite and regroup,” he advised. His joke-writing process starts with mining his own experiences for comedy gold, whether it’s personal stories or observations about society. Xander isn’t afraid to push boundaries and poke fun at sensitive topics.

The Power of Live Comedy

While online comedy has its place, Xander still believes in the power of live shows. “To encourage listeners to tune in every single week, I believe that radio has been around forever,” he said. For aspiring comedians, Xander’s advice is not to try pleasing everyone. “Write what you feel, feel what you write,” he said.

Xander Fraser’s Hilariously Funny Comedy

Xander Fraser’s comedy is hilariously funny, raw, and relatable. He finds light even in life’s darkest moments. To catch Xander’s next show in Florida, follow him on Instagram @funnyxans.

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