How To Deal With Hecklers

How do you deal with hecklers?

If you’re in comedy and you don’t get heckled, then you might not be doing comedy right. Hecklers are a critical part of comedy — they’re a symptom of a space being alive, the same way noise is a symptom of an engine being alive. Hecklers are a sign of a community being thriving, and the best comedians are the ones who can handle the heckles, both the good and the bad.

With Kavita Singh, Dee Cee, Tim Thomson, and Ellen Karis.

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Today’s Panel:

Ellen Karis– Website

Ellen Karis is the “Greek Goddess of Comedy” having performed stand-up comedy all over North America alongside such notables comedians as Drew Carey, Jimmy “JJ” Walker, and Sebastian Maniscalco. The entertainment industry has hailed her as the “little dynamo” given her petite stature, strong improv skills, and ability to build a quick rapport with any audience. Born and raised in NYC in a traditional strict Greek home, her brand of sarcastic, observational humor has been described along the same lines as comedy legends Joan Rivers and Richard Lewis. Her jokes about her marriage and family, trying to make it in show business against all odds, addiction to sweets, and the absurdities of the ever-changing pop culture, youth-obsessed world we live in, are relatable to any crowd type. Ellen lives on the island of Manhattan.

Kavita Singh – Instagram

Kavita Singh is a stand-up comedian and writer who has performed in Boston and New York City, She currently lives, somewhat reluctantly, on Long Island, NY.

DeeCee – Website

DeeCee is a Chicago-based comedian with humor inspired by his unique perspective living as a black Canadian/US ex-pat in South East Asia. He has successfully woven his life experience in relationships, parenting, and working as a chiropractic physician into a twisted, yet relatable, brand of funny.

Tim Thomson – Facebook

Irreverent, hilarious, silly, unpredictable, clothed! These are all words that have been used to describe Tim Thomson. For the better part of a decade, Tim has been entertaining audiences with his stand-up across America. He takes the crowd on a hilariously bizarre trip through his nonsensical stories about drunk dogs, pop culture, and struggling to understand the ladies. A lifelong New Yorker, Tim draws his humor from his Irish Catholic upbringing, his crippling addiction to TV, movies, and video games, and his inability to tell the difference between reality and make-believe. He currently calls Northport, NY his home.

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