How do you organize your comedy ideas and material?

Comedy is a powerful and versatile writing tool. It can be used to inform, enlighten, disturb, or even make someone laugh. For many stand-up comics, comedy is natural and instinctive. But with the pressures of life, work, and everyday distractions it can start to feel like a foreign language you’ve long forgotten how to speak. And a huge pain to keep track of when you do get something written down.

With Joe Crovella, Juliana Heng, Donna Moran, and Steve Mittleman.

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Today’s Panel:

Steve Mittleman – Facebook

Steve Mittleman, “the guy with no chin,” is a highly accomplished standup comedian and comedy writer who has had over 50 standup television appearances, including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman, and Comic Relief. He has also appeared as an actor in such movies as Roxanne and The Out of Towners. Steve has worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Drew Carey, Ellen Degeneres, Roseanne Barr, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, and many more. He currently resides in Indio, California.

Joe Crovella – Facebook

Joe Crovella is a young comedian from Baldwin, NY. He started his comedy career this past June 5th, 2021, and has been doing comedy every week since. He has worked for headliners such as Eric Tartaglione, Terry Mcneely, Rich Carucci, Tom Kelly, and more. Currently, Joe is working with a few booking agencies and he hopes to get to the point where one day he will be doing comedy full time.

Juliana Heng – Website

Juliana Heng is a comedian, writer, and performer. Juliana does stand up, talks about autism awareness, and has a show called “Walking On Spectrum” where they tell their story as someone on the autism spectrum and the gender spectrum through stand-up comedy, spoken word, and storytelling. “Walking On Spectrum” has played at 8 fringe festivals, with the most recent one at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Juliana hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Donna Moran – Facebook

Donna Moran is a stand-up comedian who has been in the industry since 1989. Donna was lucky enough to open for comedy greats including Dave Attell, Donald O’Connor, and Pat Cooper. She is an animal lover and lives in Lido Beach, NY.

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