What’s the worst thing about being a comedian?

Standup comedy is not for everyone. It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage in front of an audience and make them laugh. It’s also not easy to perform stand-up comedy when the audience is not laughing. This is where the downsides, or disadvantages, just start come into play. (Sorry about the not-so-great sound.)

Our panel for this discussion includes Art Schill, Tracey Simon, and Tim Thomson.

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Today’s Panel:

Tim Thomson – Facebook

Irreverent, hilarious, silly, unpredictable, clothed! These are all words that have been used to describe Tim Thomson. For the better part of a decade, Tim has been entertaining audiences with his stand-up across America. He takes the crowd on a hilariously bizarre trip through his nonsensical stories about drunk dogs, pop culture, and struggling to understand the ladies. A lifelong New Yorker, Tim draws his humor from his Irish Catholic upbringing, his crippling addiction to TV, movies, and video games, and his inability to tell the difference between reality and make-believe. He currently calls Northport, NY his home.

Tracey Simon

Tracey Simon is a stand-up comedian and also a former librarian. She has been performing for over since the mid-eighties. Tracey lives in Oceanside, NY and can be seen at comedy venues across the NYC area.

Art Schill – Facebook

Art Schill is a comedian and a great comedian at that. He started in 2017. Art Schill did comedy in places like Miami to Connecticut. He also headlined at the Mohegan Sun. He was also on the AARP funniest comedian contest. And the best part of all that?  He is a very nice person. Art hails from Patchogue, NY.

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